Calling young adventures! Are you ready to conquer the peak of Pterosaurs’s Nest? This is not a test for trembling climbers!

Dinosaur Wildpark Live Show

Get ready for a prehistoric journey and experience the dangers and excitement of the Pre Historic era in this entertaining and mind-expanding show for all the family 🎭 You’ll meet and interact with a collection of life-like dinosaurs, including every child's favourite flesh-eating giant : the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Velociraptors, to name a few!


Take a ride on your favourite Baby Dinosaur and have some fun on the prehistoric baby dinosaur trail. Get your cameras ready, because you may just have a dinosaur coming to say Hi to you.


Take on an adventure of a lifetime in search of the hidden key 🗝in Raptor’s Maze to free you and your fellow friends from the deadly maze ☠. Beware of Raptors!


Go on a wild adventure which features 5D ride in Rexy's Journey with multiple senses.


Many would have probably ride on a rodeo before but how many brave souls could dominate and ride our wild dinosaurs?

Education Hub

Hop on the education class by our Ranger Sherry & Professor Lucy to learn more about Dinosaurs from the Prehistoric era.

Space Invasion

Will you join the Space Academy with Captain Rexy to defend Dinosaur Kingdom from the evil aliens? Board your ships and gear up!!

Dinosaur Battleground

As the Dinosaurs have dominated the fields, will you join our marines to fend off the Dinosaurs as we collect the fragments of comet stones. Pick up your guns and lets march in

Fossil Dive

Are you ready to dive into the Fossil Pit to recover the hidden fossil wordings by NIPS? Challenge the time challenge and score yourself a Dinosaur home.

Ice Fossil

Explore the experience of a Fossil Explorer as you break through the ice to get your own baby Dinosaur Egg

Inflatable Dinosaur Island

Are you ready for a bouncy adventure in Dinosaur Kingdom? Jump in and explore the island as Pterosaurs and Trex rule the land.

Triceratops Train

Hop on the Triceratops Train to go on a dinosaur adventure in Dinosaur Kingdom.

Racing Dinosaurs

Who’s your favourite Dinosaur? Would you join the race as your favourite Dinosaur to beat the others as the champion?